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Friday, March 14, 2008


Bringing you more cheese per square inch, the Nacho Blog may take its time off here and there, but it'll always come back for more. Starting things back up, check out the latest and greatest of eBay nacho-bilia. And bid. Because.

For the Skating Rink Rat

Reel-em-in Headline: "Funacho Nacho Cheese Machine With Potion Control Nacho"
The eBay seller's sales pitch: "
Enjoy the taste of Nachos without the mess or hassle of a crock-pot. Bag-In-The-Box Cheese has been the leading way to sell Nachos for the past 10 years."

Buy it Now Price: $320

Our Response: mmm Bag-In-The-Box Cheese

For the Light Bright Fan

Reel-em-in Headline: "NACHOS Mexican Food OPEN Bar Pub Neon Light Sign"
The eBay seller's sales pitch:
"More Elegant ! It's Important !"

Buy it Now Price: $18.99
Shipping cost: $16.99

Our Response: Sooo elegant, sooo important



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