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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Dish: Belmont Sans Cheese

I love the Belmont Lounge in NYC for some after work drinks. The mood lighting helps relax the eyes after a full day in front of the computer screen, the drinks are never watered down and the service is always friendly (especially when they give comp drinks). But what I will say is that after last night's first taste of their house nachos, my A+ rating of the joint took a bit of a nose dive.

The nachos, which were a blue chip bonanza, were really just that. Lots of chips, and not much else. Suffice to say Belmont broke the cardinal sin of under Stuff-to-Chip ratio. They looked promising with a bit of melted shredded cheese, smoky black beans (which I generally dislike), and some of their tasty pico de gayo, but a few chips in and my nacho partner and I were all out of Stuff. Had it not been for the always delicious Jack and Cokes and the company, Zagat would've gotten a phone call. Tsk.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

how dare they under ratio!

7:12 PM


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