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Friday, April 2, 2010

Chicago Students Protest School Lunch, Hurt Nacho's Feelings

Apparently, the days of tater tots and those chocolate eclair ice cream bars are under fire. Add to the mix the fight against our beloved, cheesy delight and you've got a molten cheddar debate. It's not to say kids shouldn't be eating better. This we can all agree on. It's just that the PB&J option or that ham and cheese on white was never for the cool kids (and creates stinky ham breath). Reputations to keep, people. Reputations.

But it's not just the parents who find issue with the school system's idea of a healthy lunch, it's now the kids. According to the Chicago Tribune, kids joined forces to speak out against the current lunch choices at the monthly Chicago Board of Education meeting, citing one (lame) student as detailing the "sickening pizza, chicken sandwiches and nachos" the district serves each day.

Of course the $58 million a year contract Chartwells-Thompson with the school district begs the question... couldn't they just get a better deal with Denise over at Taco Bell?



Blogger RishaBelle said...

A blog about nachos! I LOVE IT! You type in "quirky fashion" in Google Blogs, and this is what i find. Awesome! I like these recipes. Gonna try them!

7:47 AM


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