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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Welcome Fellow Queso Lovers!

I created this blog for all nachos fans and to show that no, not all nachos are created equal. I, with the help of my trusty nacho assistant, have devised a theory about the beloved chips and cheese called the Stuff-to-Chip ratio. That's right kiddies, those of us that have enough time on our hands and salt on our fingertips have no shame in admitting that there is in fact a rating system for this Mexican favorite.

I encourage my fellow nacho club members to chime in at any time, add and subtract from the theory as you see fit and please, by all means share in the love and bring great and horrible new nachos to the table. Without your worldly input, after all, we'd be reduced to simply the nachos in the tri-borough area...and then where would we be?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taco and Nacho flavored kisses to you QuesoJoe! It's about time someone unites the chips and cheese to get the real dip on what's going on with the chip to stuff ratio. Well done!

12:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nachos are so awesome, is so great to see that someone finally took the time to notice the finer things in life. keep up the good work. oh yea, and applebees has sick ass awesome nachos

1:10 PM

Anonymous willcookforsex said...

being of a culinary pedigree, i would have to agree that there is a certain science to this undervalued finger food. for example, you should NEVER have to use utensils when eating - for this deminishes the overall enjoyment of the nacho experience. also, in my book there needs to be plenty of heat (and when i say heat i mean jalepenos). with that being said, my final requirements, when fully engaging in the chip trip is that they are shared with friends and there are margaritas involved.

3:50 PM

Anonymous Dirty Sanchez said...

Brilliant! The web lacked a vital resource for all of mankind until the NaCho Blog opened....Thank YOU QuesoJoe!

5:03 PM


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